Hi, I'm Alex. My graphic design interests lie in branding, creating and social design. I started studying graphics with a foundation diploma at Camberwell, then going on to complete my degree at LCC. Between 2015/16 I also took a year out to partake in the LCC's incredible Diploma in Professional Studies year, working for three very different design companies in London, Weli Creative, Kingdom London and Assembly Studios.
Cultural Identity Crisis

Having been set the brief of creating a 'dynamic' brand identity that promoted an event that exhibited two creative disciplines and was hosted by two separate cities, I created
MOTIF. MOTIF is an event/exhibition that displays the incredible work of ceramic artists and surface designers and also runs workshops for people of all ages, encouraging them to try out ceramics and pattern creation for themselves. This series of posters show how the dynamic brand identity changes and adapts.

Acrobat Reader: The Lottery of Babylon

Below are three graphic interpretations of Jorge Luis Borges' Lottery of Babylon.
The Lottery of Babylon is about a mythical Babylon, in which the Lottery is thrust upon the Babylonians by this mysterious forced named 'The Company'; to disastrous effect.
At the beginning, the Lottery was harmless. As the Lottery increased in popularity, punishments were introduced and larger monetary rewards were given. Participation in the Lottery became mandatory and the some started to wonder whether The Company even really existed.
This series focuses on the narrator of the stories. The Text version is the found diary of the narrator, who wrote this account of The Lottery of Babylon whilst escaping. The Text and Image version is the diary, with illustrative interpretations of the story over it. The Wordless version is examples of what the Lottery Tickets were.

Watertight Campaign

The Watertight Campaign is a Campaign strategy to help raise awareness (particularly with 16-24 year olds) of the Water Crisis that still affects 663 million people around the world. This strategy was written proposing multiple ways to keep the campaign fresh and fun, whilst also being educational in an easily digestible way.