A Greek - British graphic designer and illustrator with a growing interest in branding, editorial and information design. As a designer I prefer not to limit my creative outputs and I am comfortable working both in print, digital and motion design. Currently interning at Idea is Everything Studio.
Faculty of Public Health (Road Accidents Infographics)

A series of infographics using neutral and playful illustrative animations with a view to engage any viewer with the issue of road accidents and road safety. The overall design and feel is inspired by the desire to transform infographics into something more than just their flat calculative format. Instead information is presented in a way that brings data to life in a fun and engaging way.

Chance Operations Branding

A branding project for a multidisciplinary art workshop hosted in two different UK art universities which explores the subject of Chance Operations. Chance Operations is a method of creating art while relying on chance/randomness and removing your control from this artistic process. The term was coined by experimental composer John Cage, and can be achieved in a number of ways such as working with prepared pianos (by inserting cutlery into the strings of a piano), using generative coding or cut out poetry. The branding of the event is a colourful and vibrant visual homage to various artists and ways of working within chance art or aleatoric music.