Anastasija Pospelova [email protected]
I am a graphic designer; but I do not limit myself to such. I enjoy the exploration of different design processes and areas of focus such as; illustration, photography, videography, editorial production and brand development.

My passions are collaborating with other creative people to take ideas that can change the world and make them a reality.

Box Buddy

In this self initiated brief I designed a branding identity for the new Box Buddy brand. The main purpose of Box Buddy idea, is that it offers ‘Box Buddy’ packs which can be ordered online or via the app anything what you need for any event.

Magazine Redesign

Self initiated editorial design brief - creating a new editorial design, for the Cosmopolitan magazine. As an audition to the project I have created a cosmopolitan diary for subscribers, for cosmopolitan readers to keep their own piece of Cosmo.

Two Points Final Project

Idea is to deliver to the audience the atmosphere of chosen location. As my final outcome I made 3D photography piece to show two different locations in one image.