Andrea Sartini [email protected]
I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in London with a background in fine art and hand drawing. Because of my passion for illustration I often digitalise my drawings and use them as graphic elements to combine in my designs. I am interested in exploring formats and materials and how these can communicate or enhance different messages. I recently started to animate my illustrations aiming at exploiting their full communicative potential.
Storey Telling

Storey Telling is a series of three publications on the short story “The Library of Babel” by Jorge Luis Borges. The format of the first two versions have been reinterpreted as a series of boxes, each one functioning as a page. By extracting one box at a time, reaching a small booklet at the core of the series, the reader will travel from a visual and abstract interpretation of the text to a gradually more typographical and literal one.

2 Points - A visual composition based on data

2 Points is a series of prints visually representing and comparing quantitative data from the two toilets of my house.
The two compositions resemble different information as the noise level from the pipes, the range and number of tiles and bricks or the average amount of flushes and use of the washing machine.

The Future - Six Drivers of Global Change

This is a title sequence animation for the documentary series "The Future" inspired by Al Gore.
By identifying six main changes which will heavily impact our world over the next years, the series aims at addressing the needs and responsibilities to ensure a positive development of our civilisation.
The animation shows a vision of a chaotic reality which, as some of its elements move into specific position, gradually stabilises eventually unifying.