French, graphic design, illustration, fried chicken connoisseur, typography, editorial + wit.
Ryoji Ikeda

Posters designed for a fictional event for the sound artist, Ryoji Ikeda.These posters were made with GRAFX2 which is a bitmap graphic editor. Followed by visual research and graphic experiments.

C'est Chick

Process book, exploring the visual language of chicken shops. Focusing on typography and primary colours.

The Library Of Babel

Reinterpretation of the Library of Babel by Luis Borges. Giving the reader an insight on the importance of punctuation. Punctuation is what gives the text a voice, a tone and a palette of emotions. Three different and very graphic designs, one with text only, the other with only image and the last combining text and image - french folded and a tracing paper sleeve.


If chocolate has always been linked to pleasure. It has on certain occasions helped us send messages, spreading across your feelings to your tender half. Love and chocolate tend to be associated, funnily enough.While love is usually associated with the colour red - the colour of passion, of roses and wine. The colour association with chocolate is brown, which tends to lead the mind somewhere else.

It is in that spirit that Chocohate operates: is your Love going down the toilet? Our collection “Eat your feelings” has been created just for you. So let us bring some sweetness back in your life while you eat your heart out.


ABC of fried chicken. Capturing the real essence of the poultry joints, through condiments, language and most importantly chicken.