I'm Arna,

Recent graduate with a degree in Graphic & Media Design from London College of Communication. Highly experienced in typographic and print media across digital and information design fields. Enthusiastic about photography, filmmaking and art. Currently pursuing opportunities to leverage graphic skill set in the creative industry.
Acrobat Reader

Printed Publication x 3

“We also know of another superstition of that time: that of the Man of the Book. On some shelf in some hexagon (men reasoned) there must exist a book which is the formula and perfect compendium of all the rest: some librarian has gone through it and he is analogous to a God.” (Borges, 1941, p.6)

The “Acrobat Reader” series of books represent a script of the Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges, transcribed in the typeface which visual form constitutes most commonly used pure alphabets of today’s world. Transferring an idea about divine book from the Borges’s Library, the design of letters is an intervention of hybrid shapes into the heritage of Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabetic genetics. According to the project brief, printed material consists of three visual forms: text, text and image and only image.

The process development demonstrates initial experiments with dissection of existing letters by ascender, descender and counter space, resulting in compositions of geometric shapes that later developed into a new writing system.

Ryoji Ikeda

Poster x 4
Moving Image

Poster designs are greatly influenced by Ryoji Ikeda’s music. The primary sound of his compositions resembles records of electrical frequencies and unfiltered noises. Starting from a simple grid of lines, the intervention goes through moving and copying separated parts as it creates a visual form of sound distortion and electronic errors.

The animation for this project designed as a short moving image for the LED screens. Being a supportive element of the main design, the animation consist of glitchy transitions that represent lost signals as Ryoji’s works are closely related to ‘system error’ visual art.

Two Points

Textile Print x 16
Diagram x 16

A series of line patterns produced using records of moving image capture a motion of trees influenced by wind. Like signatures each tracery depicts different nature and character of each tree. The final outcome demonstrates a study of two trees from both locations: black is for the City of London, and white for the Kensington Gardens. Printed on fabric, the designs capture an essence of the wind along with scientifically informed observation.

Process Book

This book demonstrates a process development and analyse of work in progress for the following projects: Two Points, Acrobat Reader and Ryoji Ikeda.