Inspired by a variety of sources, Cancan's work explores the relationship between how things look and what things are. Communication is always the principle of her design practice.

She is interested in branding, editorial design, information design and generative design. With internship experience at Pentagram and Landor Associates, she is capable of working on commercial projects as well as developing experimental projects.

A branding project for Intype – a 24-hour pop-up typography exhibition that travels around cities. It showcases large typographic installations alongside a mix of immersive and playful events.

Ways to Document a Lift Journey

Data visualization of passengers' movements in a 3-minute lift journey. Circles track passengers motion in the space and create a series of generative patterns. So far, I have explored three systems. Although they are all in different forms of media, they share similar rules.

System 1: Still images, outlined circles create beautiful tracks for each passengers. Time has been compressed into one frozen frame. Tracks of circles also mark out what area has been occupied most and least.

System 2: Tracking motion through circles from original footage. Sound applied. Sounds create a better environment for the circles to simulate interactions between passengers.

System 3: A slow motion of passengers' movements in three minutes. Each acrylic represents one second. The three-dimensional object also shows what we used to ignore during such a short journey.

Souvenir Exchange

Souvenir Exchange is a cultural exchange platform which is to improve the understanding between local and tourist in a city to recognise difference, create connections and cultivate respect.

The Chinese 'Order'

This book is a reinterpretation and deconstruction experiment of palace structure from Ming and Qing dynasties in China.