Catrin has previously worked in printmaking and TV but mostly enjoys working with her hands. Her graphic design work includes editorial, posters, printmaking, UX design and programming. She is a multidisciplinary designer, able to work on a range of projects from concept to outcome.
She enjoys raising questions with her work such as 'is an artist still an artist if they're not politically engaged?' and 'Where does society place the craftsman?'. With research heavy work to present possible answers to limitless questions.
Her final project focusses on the craftsman, the specialist and how perfecting one practice can be infinitely rewarding.
HAND Magazine

This publication aims to bring together craftspeople from all over the world.
It includes interviews by the author with lifelong craftsmen from a 92 year old weaver, a lifelong musician, an LA based printmaker, a leather worker and founders of the modern maker movement working to improve peoples lives with their 3D printed products.
It also includes instructions for marbling paper, how to make a pinhole camera, basic chords to begin a band and aims to also inspire new makers, by hand.

Green Onions - Healthfood and Records

This project explored a way of visually presenting a healthfood and record shop in Deptford, South East London. Owned by Stefan and Adrian 9Spotty Records), the shop has been in the area since 2011 and has been popular ever since. It provides new records weekly and has avast selection of genres from reggaeton to northern soul. It also provides freshly baked breads, a huge variety of teas, organic foods, vegan meals, kombucha and pour your own washing up liquid and cleaning products to help reduce waste. The owners and the products are top notch and I wanted to create collages of the area to communicate how the contrast/mix of the things work so well in one space.

Acrobat Reader

Jorges Luis Borges story 'The Library of Babel' explores philosophical concepts that I made into three publications, One using images ONLY to communicate the tale, another using Text ONLY and another using image and text. This project pushed my skills in visual storytelling and made me realise how much we rely on language to communicate. I enjoyed making my publication structure and playing with shapes, line and the mobius strip.

Next Up

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