Celeste's graphic work ranges across a variety of mediums. She dabbles mostly with digital design and has a strong interest in illustrations and user interface designs. More samples of her work can be found on her online portfolio.

A proposed digital system that links together how people use their transport / travel cards. Be it the use of contactless payment or the cards by the transport company. With the app, users / communters are able to use this system that is both engaging as well as easy to use, accompanied with functions that that makes it convenient for them to travel around without the need of having the actual cards.

Bad thoughts don't stay

This project is an art therapy kit aimed at helping people with depression.
With this kit, it shows how thoughts of depression is being reflected in the form of a visual form. Instead of using words, i thought of using art as a form of therapy.

Disappearing ink – Bad thoughts
Watercolor – Good thoughts

When users take the ‘bad thoughts’ vial to paint on the canvas,the painting will disappear, signifying that no matter the bad thoughts, it will go away and will not stay.

If they use the watercolor to paint on the canvas, they would be left with a beautiful piece of artwork that they could keep, to remind them of all the good thoughts.