Dian Sofia Binte Azman Hisham www.diansofia.com/ [email protected]
Dian is a graphic designer, whose work focuses primarily on immersive & interactive experiences within social and cultural contexts.
Uncovering Hidden Histories at the British Museum

This campaign aims to promote inter-cultural understanding by engaging young people of diverse backgrounds within the British Museum. Using Augmented Reality via their own smartphone, visitors are encouraged to explore the exhibits and uncover the hidden histories behind the artefacts.

The Trouser Revolution

‘The Trouser Revolution’ is a risographed zine about the impact of trousers of women’s independence in history. It charts the various points in the last 100 years where trousers grew from utility (early 1910s), mobility (post-WW2), to equality (1970s-present) wear.

Warisan Kita

Warisan Kita or 'Our Heritage' in Malay, is an exploration of the history of the Malay writing systems from its Sanskrit origins to the Arabic influenced script and finally to the modern romanised alphabets of today.