Eamon Arthur [email protected]
I am a designer who works with musical practices, incorporating this into my work to create expressive data design. This style of working is one I have refined and is an area for future development.

I also enjoy systematic working methods, employing them during all design stages to produce meaningful and relevant outcomes.

Can musical dissonance exist within a harmonious sequence?

Using the Fibonacci sequence as a harmonious system, I combined its mathematical structure with that of guitar tablature. I created chords as part of my testing to determine dissonant and harmonious chords.

Once found, all 42 chords were then translated into coded and visual forms to represent the sonic qualities of my original audio recordings. These visual elements were inspired by Experimental Music Notations.

The Mausoleum of Eustratios Ralli

For this project, the Mausoleum of Eustratios Ralli in West Norwood Cemetery was deconstructed and then displayed as single elements in a publication. This allows the viewer to appreciate the complexity of the architecture in digestible sections, in a format and layout that modernises the archaic subject.  

A numerical referencing system accompanies each deconstructed element in the book. This system details the name, meaning and position of the part based on the overall building layout. Both intricate detail and meaning are documented, as well as a broader exploration of the space and historical context.

In addition to this, a soundtrack recorded during site visits is archived, giving the user a multi-sensory experience of the building and the environment surrounding it, which can be listened to whilst browsing.