Emily has particular interest in editorial design, branding, and design research. However, as a multidisciplinary designer, she is able to work on a range of projects including conceptual and practical. Emily is currently undertaking two internships in marketing and design but will be commencing her masters in design research at the Royal College of Art this coming September. Please visit her website to see more of her work including collaborations and personal projects.
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This editorial piece is an interpretation of ‘The Library of Babel’ by Jorge Luis Borges exploring the theme of language in three versions: text only, text and image, and image only. Letters are simply symbols, placed in different orders to construct words which represent meaning. However words do not have an inherent definition, they differ from person to person, culture to culture, and generation to generation.

In ‘The Library of Babel’, a list was compiled according to the frequency of letters used. ‘e’ was the most used and ‘z’ was the least. The more often a letter is used, the darker it is. The frequency of the letter ‘e’ was also calculated in each sentence. The more regular ‘e’ was, the bigger the sentence. This creates a chaos of gradient and size, a representation of how all words are subjective to the reader.

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This publication documents the process of the three versions of 'The Library of Babel'. The physical book can be viewed in the annex.

Undergraduate thesis

This thesis is titled: 'Evaluating the Ethics of Deceptive Food Packaging Techniques Through the Analysis of Consumer Reaction, the Role of Designer, and the Role of Marketer'.