Francisco Casaroti [email protected]
Between many fields of communication design, I have a keen interest on corporate identity, typography, editorial design, infographics and the printing process. this web site has a selection of the works I’m most proud of .

I hope you enjoy what is shown and exhibited in the several project headings. I really appreciate your time spent to review the work i’ve created, with much dedication and passion exerted for each brief and creation.

For more information about me and my work please visit or email me on [email protected]

dotype. Is a modular typeface...The desire of designing a modular typeface has always inhabited my mind and the Visual System project brief was the perfect opportunity to design it. The design is based on two very simple dot modules and its personality is defined by missing dots which was initially accidental and became its main feature.

Process Book 1-3

This book is a compilation of the 3 major projects process, which include researches, visual experiments and the outcome iteration records.

Dynamic Brand - The Wall Festival

The brief asked to create a dynamic brand for a cultural event which I also had to create. The logo represents a wall and a brick at the same time, the simplicity of the logo shape is what makes it dynamic and flexible allowing it to be applied to any media at any circumstances.

Visual System

Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese electronic composer and visual artist who has an international reputation for working convincingly across both visual and sonic media.
I were asked to design a coordinated visual system to announce a short season of Ikeda’s audiovisual performances at ZKM, Karlsruhe. This project consist of a four A1 posters and a short animated sequence designed using a generative design system.

The Virtual Studio

The Virtual Studio project aim to explore possible horizons with in the design process.
With the advent of computers, the design process has changed exponentially, the tools had to be redesigned in order to embrace it and allow its users to explore the boundaries of the technology.
The technological advances changed directly the way how we think design and it is an unstoppable process and a great example is the concept of Generative Design.
Today we are facing the biggest shift in the human development after the Industrial revolution which is the advent of Artificial Intelligence and the Robotization. Virtual Reality is playing a big role in this process allowing human and robots interaction, for instance it’s usage in medicine for surgeries at a distance, and many more. But so far there is not a functional graphic design set of tools to take advantages of the possibilities offered by Virtual Reality as it is today.