Grace extends her interests in colours and tactility into a range of works from branding, printed matters, and to sustainable designs.

Infinite Game of Chance

This circular book is a response to how, in The Lottery of Babylon, Jorge Luis Borges describes life as an 'infinite game of chance'. Inspired by games that rely on probability and opportunity to win, the ultimate goal of the book is to find the right way to read it. Further playing with the idea of how the author suggests that everyone should have an equal opportunity in life, each word is set in an equal grid that multiplies throughout, forcing the words to hyphenate, which reflects the reality of how no one would be the same.

The Viaducts

The London and Greenwich Railway (L&GR) opened between 1836 and 1838. It was the first steam railway in the capital and built specifically for passengers, over an entirely elevated track with about 878 brick arches. These viaducts were the initial idea of the Royal Engineer, Colonel George Thomas Landmann to fully utilise these spaces for workshops and housings. Today, this scene continues to provide a unique landscape in London.

The outcome of the project is an interactive piece that observes the human activities from the designer's perspective of both termini — the Spa Road Station and London Bridge Station — through a View-master.

Kimzua — The Afterlife Kit

Veneration of the dead has an important role in Chinese culture as it is believed that the dead have a continued existence and may possess the ability to influence the fortune of the living. The Afterlife Kit reinvents the custom with a more environmentally friendly process and an inclusivity of a wider audience.

The kit includes a stamp set inspired by the flowery patterns, and the auspicious symbols on the Veblen paper offering, allowing the user to customise the hell bank note that is screen-printed with natural pigment on a soluble paper.