Ryoji Ikeda visual system

Visual system design for the artist Ryoji Ikeda.
The challenge is to interpret the artist's work visually
without using his existing visual material but to also
provide continuity of his work.
The brief requires four A1 size posters with
a coherent system plus a 20-second video.

Chou. 抽

‘Chou’ in Chinese means smoke but also means slap. This project is an abstract discussion about smoking and rebellion, through inappropriate public behavior. It can be photography, visual art, graphic design and advertisement campaign, but not restricted to any of them.

Acrobat reader: The Library of Babel

Editorial design, visual interpretation The Library of Babel.

The story describes a universe which is composed of an indefinite and perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galleries. People are born into this universe, travel through these galleries and use their lifetime to discover the truth.

Three versions of visual interpretation of the story: text only, text and image, image only.

Dissertation design

The theme of the dissertation is an exploration of the unlikely relationship
between the modern branding theory and ancient Chinese philosophy.

The format of design based on the traditional Chinese stick called Hu,
which had used as a ritual baton, hold by Ministers when they
have an audience with an Emperor on the court.
Its concertina binding way matches the traditional Chinese book
format especially for proposal from Minister to Emperor,
and the dissertation is also a sort of proposal.

The black and white gradient refers to the combination of western and
eastern culture and also a suggestion of Yin and Yang.