I enjoy the process of finding clever and functional solutions to any problem, the more challenging, the better. My goal is to evoke an action from the viewer, make them smile and then remember.

The majority of my projects stem from an issue that needs solving and I tend to have a multidisciplinary approach to finding the perfect solution, were it building an identity, an app or staging an event.

A project devised to promote the London Design Museum's Permanent Collection by celebrating a selection of ten ordinary but yet extraordinary objects.

The Creative Exchange

In a constantly expanding world, it is often difficult to find collaboration partners within different creative or cultural disciplines. The Creative Exchange works as an online and offline platform to introduce and meet interesting and relevant people across sometimes even unexpected areas of expertise.

The online element has two functions; it serves as a platform to search actively for collaborators while simultaneously doubling as The Creative Archive, an ever expanding self moderating archive of all creative industries.

The offline element consists of a dual event held in two chosen cities which would include presentations, workshops and similar.

The system and the branding utilises the notion of 'friendship cities' but playfully putting two cities 'against' each other. The modular identity follows a pre selected colour pair for each city pair. Copenhagen and Edinburgh were chosen to represent.

Exploring the Dock Bridge

A series of maps exploring the differences between two sides of the Royal Victoria Dock footbridge through four varying aspects; walking patterns, statistics, human interactions and unnoticed details.

The maps were available on the bridge and were aimed to encourage exploration and break existing invisible barriers and walking patterns.

The Library of Babel

An exploration to what is type and what is image by creating three interpretations of Jorge Luis Borges' short story, the Library of Babel.