I'm Hanna Metcalfe and my great interest for the visual language branches out in everything from editorial and print to interior design and architecture. My portfolio projects so far involve spatial - social - conceptual and book design.

Previous work experience in studio/set design at IKEA Communications and at the Swedish advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors Studios.

A Self Initiated Project which discovers colour psychology and patterns in relation to senses. The project involves a proposed public installation which brings projected patterns to the streets of London - where the concept is to use psychological patterns and colours to address the need for a calming space in urban environments.


Perfect bound, open flat book containing process journals from three major projects. The cover has metallic foiled typography and the book sits in a transparent acrylic box.


The campaign aims to communicate the innovative cargo bike ‘The Christiania Bike' from Copenhagen, Denmark. The format of the film is designed to screen at urban music festivals - as a proposed collaboration between the makers of The Christiania Bike and festival sponsorship. The campaign name ‘A LOVE STORY’ roots from the history and birth of the bike - built by Lars Engstrøm in 1971 as a gift to his wife Annie. The homegrown and authentic Danish design production has been captured in a retro-style short film; accompanied with only music, type and subtle

‘A LOVE STORY’ is created to send a strong message in a new setting; showing festival visitors that there is an alternative to the car - an alternative which has helped to push the modern cycling culture forward, as well as putting Copenhagen on the map as the #1 biking city in the world.