A versatile designer with work ranging from book design and typography to film, interactive installation and design for social impact. Interested in design processes led by a hands-on, iterative approach. Previous work experience includes interning at Landor, Tokyo and Grey, Helsinki.
The Lottery in Babylon

A personal interpretation of Jorge Luis Borge’s story where the role of chance in one’s life features prominently. Presented as an experimental typographic system where every 60th word altered reflects the concept of the ‘sacred drawings’ that take place every 60 nights, marking one’s changing circumstances.

Ryoji Ikeda: Visual Systems

Four A1 posters designed for a fictitious exhibition of the Japanese sound and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda.

The Identity Visualizer: Workshop Toolkit

Over a quarter of London's population is from an alternative ethnic background. Personal experience and interviews suggest that those with bi-cultural identities (having two cultural backgrounds) often experience an 'Identity crisis' feeling out of place in both cultures.

The Identity Visualizer is a tool to help bi-cultural people make sense of their complex identities, facilitating a workshop for cross-cultural discussions.