Jay is a young Graphic Designer / Illustrator from London, interested mainly in Relief Printing, Branding and Editorial Design. He has looked at a range of subjects during his time at LCC, from endangered animals to seasonal eating. Graduating In 2017 at LCC Jay is trying to gain as much experience and knowledge by working on projects and collaborating with other designers.
IP : Public Health : Infographics

Public Health magazine supplied designers with data sources for different topics. They wanted an exciting infographic for their magazine. I chose the topic child diet and illustrated the foods through overhead photography. Contrasting bright (happy) saturated colours with natural colours to illustrate overeaten with under eaten food categories eaten on average by children.

Cultural Identity Crisis

This brief asks designers to find to cultures that could be married into one identity and language creating a brand. For this project I decided to bring together techno music with African art and create a festival situated in the forests of Bristol. I was very inspired by the African Adinkra symbolism and simple shapes that translate when I am listening to techno music. The guidelines for the identity are very open to movement and experimentation in shape, layout and typography. I have tried to provide all the graphic tools and given examples of how they can be used.

2 Points

Selecting a natural Location and an Urban High street I was very interested at looking at textures and translating that into graphic language. I created an A5 book using a photocopier to generate the textures as well as turning my own rubbings into a two colour A1 screen print.