Layla Foroughi Grainger [email protected]
Passionate about design being a tool to implement positive changes in the world, Layla believes that socially conscious designs or products do not need to be kept in the realm of ‘charity’ but can become independent and financially sustainable ventures. Layla spent 2016 working in studios such as Foster + Partners, Social Impact Lab Frankfurt and GOOD Agency, with the intention of experiencing a broad cross-section of the creative industry and gaining valuable studio experience.

She enjoys taking a cross-disciplinary approach to her work, being interested in all aspects from research gathering and analysis, to ideation, to hands-on making - as well as a love for both print and digital.

Coming from a multi-cultural background she is fascinated by different cultures and also enjoys traveling; both of which influence and inform much of her work.

To see more, please visit her personal website.
Exploring Unpredictability

This project came about from a curiosity and love of brushes and mark making. I wanted to explore the brush as a tool, an object, an instrument in its own right. As a graphic designer, making interesting marks, shapes and patterns comes with the territory. But sometimes those accidental marks are more exciting than those which have been planned and executed accurately.

I created a series of tools which are unpredictable in their nature. I then collected the marks made by participants using these tools and produced a newspaper publication displaying those marks and feedback from the users. These tools encouraged the participants to embrace unpredictability and restrain their natural desire to want to be in control.

If you're interested in using these brushes, or would like some of your own, please don't hesitate to contact me through my website.



This project was based on The Library of Babel, a story by Jorge Luis Borges. The themes that I focused on were order and disorder. The three publications correspond with three design layouts; text only, image and text, and image only. The text publication has been designed in the format of a traditional book using the golden ratio, and all have been hand bound with coptic binding and a clear varnished title on the cover.

BOOK 1: Text only: A system was created to replace letters with mathematical symbols, this at first seems random and disordered.

BOOK 2: Image and Text: The seeming disorder of the first book is made clear when each symbols is explained and why it links with a particular letter.

BOOK 3: Image Only: A 'disordered' group of symbols is repeated on every page until the greater pattern can be seen. This resonates with the last line in the story stating that the disorder of the library, when repeated, becomes order.


Flori Festival

The aim of this project was to bring two creative cultures together and create an organisation/event that has a dynamic element to its brand. I chose to look at horticulture and social design as these are two subjects that I am passionate about.

Flori is dedicated to working to create a green and flourishing future by helping to inform and educate a younger generation of green fingered enthusiasts. Its events are tailored to each city and run by local practitioners so you can learn new skills and support your community at the same time.

Flori brand colours change depending on the activities being described and the logo is dynamic in its ever changing form. Copper embossing is another key element used in Flori brand products to add a touch of intrigue and excitement.