Leticia Ripoll Ripollés www.letiripo.com [email protected]
Loud, multidisciplinary graphic and media designer from Spain.
Currently based in London Leticia’s work focuses on
motion graphics, editorial, and user experience.
Ryoji Ikeda

A coordinated visual system announces a theoretical short season of Ikeda’s audiovisual performances at ZKM, Karlsruhe. Morphing clouds made of binary code represent sound accompanied by a modular typeface: a series of posters (841 x 594 mm) and a screen application.

The Future

Title sequence (30 seconds) for a documentary series called ‘The Future’ based on Al Gore's book The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change (2013). The title sequence will be accompanied by an interactive website that includes more detail content of the documentary series.

Urban Greenery

Urban Greenery is a self-initiated project that focuses on the experimentation of translating imagery created with a phenakistoscope (an early animation device that uses the persistence of vision principle to create an illusion of motion) into the digital medium. The resulting video explores the integration of nature in urban spaces.

Next Up UAL 2017

Identity branding for Next Up UAL 2017. The flexible and dynamic nature of the identity allows for it to be used across digital and print medium. Outcomes include brand guidelines, an events-listing device, an A1 poster, A5 flyer, a tote bag, a website design a mobile application and finally a screen application.