Graphic Designer with an interest in typography. Both its legible and illegible qualities.
Ryoji Ikeda

This poster brief to create four posters for audio and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda. I created a system where all the texture, both black and white is made from the same type. Using a heavy manipulation to create texture and depth the four posters are made of the same 60 layers arranged in different orders to control the hierarchy of the information.

Next Up Identity

This identity for a Graphic Design conference aimed at graduating students from UAL from both BA and MA courses. The premise of the work is design faux pas, awkwardly kerned typography and a dual colour palette dictated by the relationship of RGB and CMYK provides the main identity. Then the designer follows a process from screen to print, creating interesting uses of format and colour to attract specifically the keen eye of another designer.

Funes El Memoriso

This project is three interpretations of the same short story by Jorge Luis Borges, I used the story as a metaphor for Google and used the aesthetics, grid and systems of many Google products to inspire the typography, colours, proportions and imagery of the stories. One copy is text only, another imagine only and the third both text and image.