Coming from an art background, I have decided to study graphic and media design to explore new media and creative platform. As a designer I am combing traditional and digital techniques. Often using illustration, drawing, painting, photography and diy techniques. I am trying to explore the ways of connecting art and design together, creating clean and contemporary outcomes.
The Spontaneous Generation - Visual Identity

Creating visual identity for a psychedelic band from 60's called The Spontaneous Generation. The Spontaneous Generation is band from Atlanta, USA. In 1968 The Spontaneous Generation release a single called 'Up In My Mind'. This project focuses on music design and psychedelic art.

Acrobat Reader

Three representations of the short story "Library of Babel" by Jorge Luis Borges. This project focuses on the motifs such as universe and infinity. In the story "Library of Babel" is a library that is formed of possibly infinite number of hexagons and it contains of all possible combinations of words and symbols. With this project I was exploring hexagon as a shape and its representation in sacred geometry and universe and other geometrical shapes that can be found within the hexagon.

Kingston and Richmond

Visual representation of the journey between Kingston and Richmond. Contains typographical representation as well as photography and painting. Documentation of the essence of both places and the journey between them.