I'm always seeking to travel and create new experiences as this is where I feel true inspiration can be obtained. Combined experiences in my professional life has influenced many of my design ideas, aesthetics and overall pathways to embody more eco-friendly outcomes. As a Malaysian-British, with the privilege of growing up in Kuala Lumpur, I've always had a passion in respecting inter-cultural beliefs alongside environmental issues. I believe that design should motivate others to benefit or make an impact on society.

Keep it leean and green

Sama Sama

A self initiated project creating a unity campaign for culture's and languages of Malaysia. The symbolism behind the sarong is represented by the local phrase ‘Same same, but different’ or ‘Sama sama, tetapi berbeza’ in Malay. Through the current political divide between races and cultures, I created an object of solidarity and tradition to celebrate the unique diversity that we share as a nation. The designs for the sarong were created from a workshop I conducted that included 6 Malaysian UAL students from different backgrounds. Deconstructing the characters, scripts and languages of the primary line to construct them back up in unique forms to reinforce how language reinforces this truth.

Soular System

Brand identity, marketing techniques and creation of a festival involving two creative disciplines in 2 cities in the UK: Soular System represents two weekends of soul music and sustainability in Bristol and Brighton.
Get dirty tonight for a cleaner tomorrow.


Those of us in London and in most parts of the world take the action of going to the toilet or having a bathroom for granted. WC - #WithoutComfort is a social design project that raises awareness for those in third world countries that do not have access to sanitary, hygienic and private bathrooms. Promoting a 2 way mirror bathroom installation gains respect and connects those to the cause, should they want to get involved and try make a change.


An app that raises awareness about the truths behind palm oil cultivation: Where it's from, how it affects cultures and nations that highly yield it and where we can go from here. As palm oil is in nearly 90% of your average products at a supermarket, FacePalm is focussing on beauty products instead. Design proposals with UI and UX features allows for a barcode scanner that shows you whether a beauty product contains this ingredient.