Acrobat Reader. Funes the Memorious

The creation of textual and visual representation of the short story "Funes the Memorious" by Jorge Luis Borges. All of the three components (type only, text and image, wordless) are connected by the main idea of a medical record for the main hero. Each of the components represents different stage of the illness.
Type only - the diary of the hero, written at the beginning, text and image - screen prints as the representation of the diagnosed disease, wordless - visualisation of the details as the patient's current state.

Cultural Identity Crisis. POISE

The brief for the project was to design a dynamic brand identity for a cultural organisation
or event programme that a student would also create.
- flexible visual system
- driven by two key variables: its activities and its locations

P O I S E - the brand, that provides series of events dedicated to furniture in art.

The main idea is to create a series of events, which would promote both the cities they are held in and a particular type of furniture featured in a variety of art pieces. The creation of each event is following the same set of rules.

2 Points. National Theatre + Alexandra and Ainsworth estate

The main idea was to mix all the shots and scenes from both places so they would create a one full story, which would look as it was always one connected thing. Mixing the differences between the places helped to erase the boundaries between them.
I wanted to have an additional outcome to my video as thought, that having something physical and not on the screen is important for any project.
I compared three performances, which were on in the National Theatre to three usual actions we do at home, for example, laundry/ sleeping/ ironing and created separate tickets for the habitation.

SIP. Constructivist Architecture/ Moscow

System-led approach project based on Constructivist style of architecture in Moscow.

Recently, a lot of representations of Constructivist architecture were demolished in Moscow and the value to the city of those still standing was put under serious question. I conducted a visual exploration of the buildings and used those elements to create a graphical system to memorialise what is left after the almost total destruction of the buildings.