I'm a graphic designer particularly interested in editorial and visual systems. My work focuses on the experience of the viewer, I enjoy experimenting with processes and the craft techniques of graphic design.
Acrobat Reader

Textual and Visual representations of Jorge Luis Borges' short story The Library of Babel. The project includes a text only, image only and text + image versions of the original short story.

In Borges' Library of Babel probability says that every book possible exists within the library, therefore every combination and iteration would also exist. This projects' concept is made up of a coded navigational system that leads the reader to the next paragraph. The books are designed to embody the frustration of searching only to end up at a paragraph that makes no sense.The illustrations were designed to represent specific paragraphs found in the book, using a simple geometric and abstract style.

Ryoji Ikeda - Visual Systems

For this project I was to create a visual system that applies to the advertising of 4 Ryoji Ikeda pieces about to be exhibited.

Using the app Gravilux I created a system inspired by the technical and data based work of Ryoji Ikeda.

The Skin Workshop

The Skin Workshop is a brand that gap between DIY natural skincare and bespoke products. The brand focuses on the use of specifically chosen ingredients and adapted recipes to produce and deliver the best natural skincare for your skin.

The customer can use the app to learn about each ingredient and skin type to then use that information to create the perfect recipe to their own skin's needs.

Next Up 2017

This project was to redesign UAL's design conference Next Up. The event had only happened once before and we were challenged with redesigning it's brand identity.

For my concept I focused on new technologies and the connection of students post their degrees. The identity reflects this through the use of QR code patterns throughout.