Michaela Vildova Portfolio [email protected]
Acrobat Reader: Library of Babel

The collection of visual and textual translation of the short story "Library of Babel" by Jorge Luis Borges. The series of three books designed in untraditional format and fold is a visual investigation exploring boundaries of reality and language with ideas and explanations that relate to the art of perception. Each book offers different ways of reading the coded text, symbols and images and plays with reader’s perception and aiming to evoke reader’s sense of searching the right path to read the story. Layout navigates themes of dreams, illusion, and confusion, ideas that question reality, order, and language as linear constructs.
A reader becomes a librarian; never really experienced the work the same way each time due to the structure’s playful and nonlinear form. Books can only be activated and engaged by the reader’s movement, challenging a static and one-way delivery.

Watertight Campaign: Un:Bottled

Bottled water creates many environmental, economic, public health and social justice problems. Un:bottled is unique and innovative strategy providing an effective solution to create environment betterment. The program’s mission is to rid the college campuses of plastic water bottles. It combined style, design, and function.
By joining the program we can reduce single-use plastic consumption around the university campus, save the water resources and help to improve our environment.

Two Points: Here & There

Here & There is an exploration of collective crowd behaviors through ethnographical mapping of two location points. London is busy city and we see it every day. From morning to evening, weekdays and weekends, on a ground as well as under. Untraditional folded publication illustrates generated data from Columbian flower market in comparison with a platform at Bank underground station.