A graphic designer who is able to work in many disciplines.
The Future

Based on the book by Al Gore, The Future documentary highlights the Six Drivers of Global Change, which is shaping the Earth as we know it.


THE STREAM is a charity that uses the power of streaming to provide streams of clean water to poverty-stricken areas.

This is done by conducting a yearly Spotify campaign that starts on world water day (22 March) and prolongs for a month. As well as hosting our own Streamers Community which is an opportunity for users to sign up, curate and share their favourite playlists.

Visual and Audio Adverts were made for this campaign. The Visual Adverts are seen on this page.

SNEAKERS: History, Collection, Culture

My Final year thesis is based on sneaker culture. Why people collect sneakers, what is done with them and are brands manipulating consumers? This is all discussed in the thesis.

The physical copy of this thesis is shown below.