Patricia Paramita Husada [email protected]
With her love for cheerful colours and bold patterns, Patricia has always taken up new design challenges and applied her graphic design skills to visualise works for print and the environment. Her main strengths include branding, illustrations, UX/UI and space design. She also has a great interest in fashion, designing fabric prints, which is featured in this portfolio.
Continental Batik Series

I want to introduce Batik, a traditional textile art form that is part of Indonesia’s national heritage. Paired with the classic Batik Parang motif, identified by its diagonal pattern, national floral emblems and cultural patterns from different continents were incorporated in the creation of this Batik print.

Ignight Lights Festival

The name Ignight came from the inspiration of illuminating the night. It is a playful wordplay of “ignite” which has a similar meaning of a start. With Ignight’s new appearance in the UK, it introduces itself as a night full of playfulness and fun. A condensed but modern font is paired with playful graphical light rays which are flexible to be changed around.

A website prototype can be seen here:

Robert Adam: Total Design. Total Obsession

The purpose of this exhibition is to celebrate the work of Robert Adam at Osterley House and Park. Therefore, Robert Adam’s studio is the main feature.

The concept of this exhibition is a walkthrough of the past. Using black and white illustrations to show how it may have looked like in the past.

Boba App

This app lets you find the nearest bubble tea stores around you and the special features are being able to buy bubble tea online and collect in store, as well as the randomise function where you can try random drinks!