A graphic designer with a high interest in Sound, Printmaking and Interaction Design.
Visual Systems : Ryoji Ikeda

This project is the development of a coordinated visual system to announce Ryoji Ikeda’s audiovisual performances. The four series of posters are an exploration of light and colour, as well as analogue and digital media. It also presents an animated sequence as an adaptation of the developed visual system.


A self initiated project that explores Patterns, Nature and Printmaking. The outcome is a series of objects that are printed with the pattern of a plant that shares a same characteristic.
Bapple: Bag + Apple = Carry
Towels: Towel + Cactus = Water Absorbent
T-shivy: T-shirt + Ivy = Cover

Two Points

This project aims to represent the different factors that influence the ambience of a place (such as time, temperature, day of the week, people within the space and people working in the space), through a system of data analysis resulting in the generation of an abstract graphic outcome.

The two videos are the culmination of a process of data collection (quantitative & qualitative) and observation of the two points. The booklet shows original imagery of the process along the abtract outcome, and a guide on how to read the videos.

Next Up : Process Book

Process book: the development of a branding identity for Next Up conference.

What is the role of interpretation in music and design looking into graphic scores?

The topic of my thesis allowed me to explore sound as well as design. Following standard musical notation leaves little room for artistic expression by the composer, which led me to produce an installation inviting the audience to become composers and challenge conventional musical interpretation by generating a graphic score.
The installation can be experienced at the Typo Cafe (LCC) as part of Thesis Inform.