Visual Systems (Ryoji Ikeda)

By combining ultrasonic sensors, ultraviolet inks and lighting I was able to create a visual system that worked in a spectrum that is normally invisible to the humans eyes and ears. It also gave me a chance to combine my passion of analogue print techniques with the new technologies and hardware such as the arduino.

By walking closer to the poster an ultrasonic sensor detects the viewers distance and gradually illuminates the normally invisible UV layer of the poster. As they get closer the full design of the poster and artwork is revealed.

This visual system was created to highlight that Ryoji Ikeda's work is at the end of the spectrum of what humans normally see or hear.

Robot Drawing Machine

Data is all around us, constantly being emitted from various sources both organic and man made. How could we visualise this hidden world that permeates every thing on this planet.

This project set out to show the contrasting hidden worlds of data from 2 random locations in London. Various data points such as light, ambient sound, carbon monoxide, electromagnetic fields were collected to understand each of the locations.

These inperceptible, abstract data readings are then translated into a simple bar graph that a robot plotter would draw in real time. By watching these machines interpret this data in real-time I hope the viewer can experience a fraction of this constant flow of data that surrounds us all.