Pei is a multi-disciplinary designer who enjoys working in various disciplines- especially illustration and motion graphics. She is keen to create design with children as a target audience. Her work experience include Airside Nippon, Japan and children publishing at HarperCollins, UK.

Pei draws inspiration from her hobbies and interests- a ballet enthusiast and lover of all things Japanese.

Holly The Whale

A self initiated project to introduce and allow discussion of the topic of perseverance to children. It features a whale named Holly- based on the 52 Hertz whale.

Theme: Perserverence

The 52 Hertz whale is known as the loneliest whale in the world. It sings at 52 Hertz but this range is not recognised by other whales, resulting in no response from other whales. Nevertheless, the lonely whale continues swimming and singing.

With perseverance being something that goes on and on, the carousel book opens to 360°, with the pages as waves flowing throughout. The user follows the whale as it 'swims' throughout the pages.

Ryoji Ikeda

A visual system project to present a fictitious season of exhibitions by Ryoji Ikeda- a Japanese electronic composer and visual artist.

Each poster has a unique imagery that is created by folding protopaper. The imagery aims to represent each of the title pieces that are in this fictitious season. The A1 posters are then adapted for a landscape screen display.

More Than A Pill

RSA Student Awards: Moving Pictures Brief
Conceive and produce an animation to accompany one of two selected audio files that will clarify, energise and illuminate the content.

Chosen Audio: More Than a Pill voiced by Nathalie Spencer

Concept: The animation revolves around characters that follow a narrative. The design of these characters aim to be inclusive as they represent people whilst avoiding stereotypes of age/gender/etc. Familiar metaphors are used to get across more complicated themes of the audio. While the expressions and actions of the characters aim to add wit and magic into the animation, more conceptual scenes are used to express and evoke emotions like empathy.