My design practice this year was largely an exploration of my Middle Eastern heritage. I am most interested in editorial design and would like to build on my independent project 'MENA Creatives' which a creative network that releases a catalogue of Middle Eastern and North African artists' work.
Acrobat Reader

A response to The lottery in Babylon by Jorge Luis Borges, This is a very interactive piece, with four dimensions. Following the labyrinthian themes in the story the user must explore the folded moving paper pieces. When opening the box a small square book is presented instructing you on how to operate as well as the full text for reference. This is followed by Text, a flat piece of paper cut and folded to that it can shape shift, providing you with syllables that fold away to create new words. Next is a visual interpretation presented as a concertina Linocut book that can be seen as either 2D or 3D. Finally Text and Image is a cube, One moment all photos the next Image.

MENA Creatives

MENA Creatives is a creative network consisting of a website and catalogue of Middle Eastern and North African artists and their work.

Gazelle Festival

Arabic Music and Dance Festival Identity created using arabic calligraphy.

Next Up

Identity for UAL Graphic Design Conference