Rory aspires to be versed in all trades in graphic design. Apart from typography and layout design Rory currently specialises in the conception and production of illustration and artwork. He has recently discovered a strong affinity for animation after working on his animated piece ‘The Future’ (featured here) for a final major project in third year.
The Future

This project required students to produce a 30 second title sequence for a fictitious documentary based on the book The Future by Al Gore. The Future warns of the consequences of various disruptive, man-made activities and technology that can be expected in the near future.

Ryoji Ikeda Events Posters

These are events posters for contemporary sound artist Ryoji Ikeda. This project aim was to design 4 different posters of the same set, advertising a season of events. Each poster had to contain the same literary information, but to highlight one of the four events. This design incorporated an image processing script called 'pixel extrusion', where pixels of an image are extruded in 3d based on their brightness - pixels with a higher brightness will extrude the most.

Deck of Cards

This screen printed deck of cards was designed to capture the essence of modern European playing cards. The artwork on the card faces is composed of elements of neoclassical architecture as a reference to the influence the upper classes have had on their design and production for hundreds of years.