Serena Neo's portfolio consists of concept–driven print–based work, with a focus on editorial design, book design, and typography.
Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision is a data visualisation project comparing the structural qualities between the Thames riverbed in Woolwich and the Woolwich foot tunnel through recorded sound, tidal schedules and found objects.

Two of the found objects — a disused radio and a collection of broken ceramic pieces — play the key role in ‘carrying the data’ from the riverbed to the tunnel. This juxtaposition of data with a seemingly unrelated location allows an alternative perspective of the relationship between these two locations.

Nothing that has been heard can be described with the same words

A series of visual interpretations of perception and memory from both the narrator’s and Funes’ point of view. ‘Perception’ presents the entire story using only colour while 'Memory' explores the idea of memory and its ephemeral quality. 'Funes' is a response to the title character’s paralysis where the text can only be fully accessed by irreversibly destroying the spine.

Japanese Mascots

Japanese Mascots and their Relationship with Culture and Society is a final–year dissertation investigating the dialectic relationship between the mascots and Japanese culture.

The East–West Cultural Intersection: A Comparison of Two Maps, Two Cultures

Editorial design for an essay comparing two maps based on the contrasting sociocultural landscapes of 17th century Dutch Empire and Edo Japan. The referenced images are navigated on a map which folds down to a pocket-sized document.