Having grown up and lived in multiple continents throughout my life – my work revolves around exploration, discovery of new places and studies of people's experiences. My design focuses on social and service design as well as user experience (UX). I believe that design plays a big part in improving our everyday life. The challenge, however, is to design these changes whilst still remaining sustainable and ethical.
Two Points

This 'Two Points' project looks at two points in Brixton; Electric Avenue and Brixton's Sainsbury. I produced two screen printed maps that take an ethnographical approach to the area, focusing on the human interactions within the shopping environment and how this effects the shopping experience.

Brixton Baskets | SIP

Brixton Baskets was a self-initiated project following on from my thesis. The project aimed to promote awareness of the local Brixton markets. I achieved this through a social media campaign wherein people take pictures of their shopping baskets and post them using the hashtag #BrixtonBaskets. The campaign also uses seasonal zines to encourage awareness of local events, recipes and community engagements.

Beyond Borders | Glimpse

Glimpse is designed to let people experience life on the other side of the world; to put excitement into the daily commute and to take a break from repetitive journeys. The solution is a platform that enables people to upload a video of part of their commute and then to watch another video from somewhere else in the world. The platform has been designed to grow with the development of more advanced technologies.

What is the authentic Brixton? Has it been altered through gentrification? | Thesis Design

My thesis looked at the gentrification process currently happening in Brixton, London. The intention of the thesis was to access the authenticity of the area and evaluate the contributing factors to Brixtons changing environment. I looked at this issue through the research method of visual ethnography using my own personal observations of the area.

As my thesis content revolved around the focus on Brixton as well as journals that i’ve used for research; I feel that the most appropriate outcome would be my thesis in the form of a journal wrapped in a map. There will be some aspect of it being a worn object, having been folded and used - just as a map is. I will use parts of the journal to record my handwritten observations that I made throughout my discovery of Brixton.