Tamsin Arai Drake [email protected]
Multi-disciplinary designer with often concept-driven work. Particular passions include editorial, cover/poster design, animation and filmmaking.

Work includes graphic novels and social design, such as Tales from Social Care, a social science comic which disseminated the research of academics at the London School of Economics, featured in The Guardian.
The Future

Title sequence for a fictional six-part documentary series, based on The Future by Al Gore. Gore describes six critical ‘drivers’, which theme each episode.

A post-modern, viral autotune style is used, the brash, humorous, informal style making an ironic statement about the gravitas of the subject.

Found footage is used from over 30 sources, dating from 1937 to 2017, supplemented with original content. Historic imagery suggests the role that the concept of the future has played in the past, synchronised with a remixed Al Gore autotune soundtrack.


Due to the main sequence being used across all episodes of the documentary, breakers/bumpers transition back into the content between commercial breaks, also promoting the series. Imagery used reflects on the theme of each episode.

The Library of Babel

Publication expressing The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges, three linked but distinct interpretations, organised as book chapters.

Passages relating to the explored themes are illuminated throughout. Image and religious publishing conventions reference themes of divinity, and coded, mirrored type expresses the infinite nature of the Library, searching for order
within chaos.