Tianluo Li [email protected]
In the opinion of Tianluo Li, Design should be used for serving different groups’ people. So, how to communicate with different ages and cultures’ audiences and how to help the audiences understand the objects easily by design is always practiced in her design. In generally, she likes to make hard things simple which would reflected in her design. So, public utilities and children education, branding design, interactive design on online platform are her strong domains.

Furthermore, Tianluo Li is interest in branding design and interactive design, editorial design. As a paper-cut art lover, she would like to connect her graphic designs with paper works. Also, she have a good knowledge on paper types and binding ideas.
Acrobat Reader

This project will design the book ' the Library of Babel' for three parts, images, wordless, images and texts. Through the expressions of paper cut and pop up, this book elaborates ‘The library of babel’ written by Jorge Luis Borges. And the designs about the paper applied it this book are not only related with the concept covered in the article, but also in consideration of readers’ reading experience.

Visual Systems

This project aims to produce four posters and one short video for the exhibition of Ryoji Ikeda who is a Japanese sound artist. The inspiration of these posters are sunset and sunrise. But these posters show sunset from different viewing. In nature world, sunset and sunrise are rotation of the earth. From people's eyes, sunset and sunrise will bring the light changing, for example, the shape of shadow, colour of sky.

Two Points

This project would compare any difference between two places. The 'two points' are two shop in a same shopping center 'Westfield Stratford City'. One of two shops is Ann Summer which sell women's bar, the other one is Clitons which is a gift shop. What's more, the two shops is same location, but they belong to different floors. And the two shops could be observed at a same time because the structure of the shopping center. For comparing the two shops roundly, dates are collected from different aspects. For example, windows display, customs' foot print, plane graph, light arrangement, visitors flowrate.

Cook Health

"Cook Health"is a app which aims to give people information about where get the fresh food materials and which food is benefit to our health. The inspiration of this app comes from the life of oversea people. These people usually find food materials difficulty result in they want to take some special food materials which normally be in their mother country's markets. Or sometimes go far to buy somethings when they don't know the nearest markets. So, this app will help help people find food materials. Resulting in people usually go to the markets
regularly, this app also help people save money in market and compare the messages among different foods, manage people's health with foods.

OXO Tower

OXO Tower Wharf is an award-winning, landmark building situated on the Riverside Walkway part of London’s fast moving South Bank and Bankside areas. Oxo Tower Wharf is home to some of the UK’s most innovative and internationally renowned contemporary designers, restaurants, cafes, bars and exhibition venues gallery@oxo and Bargehouse. Although OXO Tower have a lot of good shops, it didn't have a lot of customs. According the researches, the reason might be that the map and poster of OXO Tower can't show messages clearly to audience. So, people won't know what or where is the OXO Tower. Also, OXO Tower didn't have their own products like packages, while some famous shopping mall like Harrods have their own packages and souvenirs which could advertise itself much. So this project will redesign the poster and map of OXO Tower, and make a group of packages for OXO Tower.