I am an Irish born, Liverpool raised Graphic Designer with a passion colour, typography and bold compositions. My work is inspired by fashion and is constantly changing and developing. When given a brief I always like to devise a concept that takes a light hearted and playful approach, always trying to create something to make the viewer smile.
Focus &Mold

Focus &Mold is a dynamic brand identity designed to promote a cross-cultural festival of photography and sculpture based in Liverpool & Belfast. When creating this identity I wanted to create a brand that would stand out from the masses, inspired by the movement of sculpture the logo is warped and distort differently on every application.

Vivid Fashion Brand for Everyone

Vivid is a fashion brand conceived by myself to appeal to people who don't fit into the gender 'norms'. For this project I wanted to create a fun and exciting brand that flips the gender neutral trend, that has so far inspired conformity rather than rebellion. The aim of this project was to blend the genders to create a fully inclusive brand that would spur people on to be their colourful selves.

Ryoji Ikeda Visual Systems

For this brief we were asked to design a series four posters that were systematically generated and inspired by the work of Ryoji Ikeda. In response to this brief I devised a system in which the given text could be converted into morse code, these sounds could then be run through a programme to create an audio spectrum that in turn were pushed around the stroke of the text. In doing this I was able to create an interesting and dynamic web of pulsing shards of light that would react to the sound of the morse code.