I am a northern rooted Graphic Designer currently working and living in London.

My design practice ranges across several mediums, including photography, typography, print making, digital illustration and more. I like to take a hands on approach to my work, incorporating many mediums alongside personal interests to create a unique body of work that equally expresses my personality and style.
Neue Haas Struktor

A typography project influenced by structure. Focusing on the characteristics and form of Tower Cranes, the typeface mimics certain attributes that creates a new, unique 3 weight typeface.

Visual Systems - Ryoji Ikeda

Visual Systems aimed to promote 4 fictional visual installations by Japanese visual and sound artist Ryoji Ikeda hosted at the ZKM, Karlsruhe.

Using his work as influence I Undertook a vigorous experimentation process, looking into how I could create an effective and appealing visual system that both communicated Ikeda's work whilst also creating a system that produced individual outcomes for each exhibition whilst tying them together as a visual series.

I learnt a piece of software called Sonic Visualiser that used algorithms to generate imagery from audio files. I used the audio of Ikeda's work to influence the images generated for each design, each poster acting as a metaphorical code for the audio/exhibition it represented.

The moving image composition uses the images created by the software that gives context to the posters, demonstrating that they act as still shots from each visual piece.

The Future - Al Gore

A documentary title sequence promoting a fictional documentary series influenced by Al Gore's book 'The Future'.

Accompanying the trailer is an Interactive web programme that aims to assist the audience to navigate through the large amount of information available in a unique format that accompanies the title sequence.

Cranes - Patterns & Formations

Using the mediums of photography and print I aimed to create abstract and vibrant imagery that is created from the structures of Tower Cranes.

Regarding the topic of gentrification, cranes are often related the subject with a negative association. This project aimed to strip back the controversy and communicate to a wide audience how aesthetically pleasing and unique cranes are to the urban skyline. The prints aim to preserve the permanent beauty of the temporary structure.