Jiyeon (Gie) has particular interest in Branding, Photography, Editorial Design, and UX/UI Design. She has been practicing different types of visual design for few years in South Korea & London. Currently pursuing opportunities within the Graphic sector. Please visit her website to see more works including charity mobile application for homeless people.
Next Up UAL 2017

Designing an identity for an event, UAL’s design conference Next Up. The aim of the event is to encourage students to get information on postgraduate courses, be a part of discussions with alumni, hear from industry experts and network. For the identity, I focused on making flexible visual patterns using the pure shapes from negative spaces of the NEXT UP typeface.

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Ryoji Ikea : Visual Systems

Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese electronic composer and visual artist. For this project, I was asked to design a coordinated visual system to announce a short season of Ryoji Ikeda’s audiovisual performances at ZKM, Karlsruhe. This project is consist of four A1 posters and a short animated sequence. Posters are designed with a pixelized system. Those graphics are created for the purpose of raising the curiosity from the perspective of the audience at the exhibition.

Confession Mobile Application : Hush Booth

People do have a thing that something to hide and worry about, although it is a quite something or a simply private secret and anxiety like short-term, everyday ones; and those big, scary, long-term ones. Most of the people want to be happy without any problems, and they want to solve the problems. Some of them wish to have a conversation about their concerns to get a solution. However, people who are keeping their things in their mind, they don’t want to speak out to someone who they know because of the identification exposure, or they really have no one to talk.

Hush Booth is a mobile application that people can confess something dread to speak out. Users can confess their anxiety or embarrassing secret, the one that makes them cringe every time they think about. On their confession, users can reply or leave a comment as well. Hush booth is designed as completely anonymous.

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