I create clean, playful and ever so slightly humorous work, to amuse and effectively inform the world.
A Guide to British Seaside Essentials

The British sense of fun and mischief has always been a part of the seaside since becoming the destination for mass holiday-making in the mid-Nineteenth Century.

By displaying numerous beach objects in chart formations, the visual language is collectively shown through extensive colours and patterns that are culturally unique to the British Seaside.


OFFLINE is a fictional cultural arts organisation that is dedicated to keeping alive traditional and artisanal practices and crafts.

OFFLINE promotes experiential and non-digital events to encourage craftsmanship over machine-made work. Hands-On is an exhibition showcasing established printmakers and sign painters from all around the world.

The dynamic visual identity is the outward expression of OFFLINE. 
The logotype is supported by a grid system that enables the movement of each letter within its set column; only up or down.

Fast Fed Children

A live industry project working with The Faculty of Public Health to create an editorial for the Public Health Today magazine spring issue, focusing on the correlation between child obesity, fast food and income deprivation.