Sophia Tai's graphic design work focuses on Information Design and Visual Systems, such as Branding, UX/UI and modular Type Design.

Instagram: @sophiadesignlove
Streco Stencil Superfat Type Specimen

Possibly the first ever Italian (a.k.a. reversed contrast) stencil typeface. Rumored as a parody on Didone type, Italian typefaces have been criticized as typographic monstrosities. A stencil takes it one step further to the extreme, pushing the thin strokes of a Didone to their disappearance.

Enquire typeface and specimen book prices in e-mail ([email protected]).

Arduino Windmachine

An information design project based on live-documentation. Wind direction is recorded with a rotational sensor and "printed" onto paper with a 5mm wide pen. With a preset time-increment, the arduino-machine records, turns, and stamps, the cardinal directions onto paper with circles resembling the compass.

NEXTUP17 Design Conference

NEXTUP17 is University of the Arts London's annual Next Up design conference's graphic identity design, in which the outcome is based on an experimental visual pattern.

Mobile app:

Evolve App

A virtual platform for time management, designed with biomimicry (a design process and/or outcome based on biology). Inspired by the process of Adaptive Mutation, an evolutionary theory, Evolve App helps people "evolve" their timekeeping skills through conscious adaptation, whilst the app itself mutates its user interface based on the user's activity. Includes gamified features such as collectible points, evolving avatar and customisation to motivate users.

App Prototype:
Web Prototype: