Hello, I am a Graphic Designer based in London, specialising and particularly interested in branding, editorial, information and UX/UI design. Graduating from the London College of Communication in 2017, I have had the opportunity to work with industry clients such as the Faculty of Public Health and Civicus Alliance. I treat every brief as a learning opportunity and strive to achieve the best outcomes whilst overcoming obstacles in the design process. When I work on a project I like to focus on typography, colour and structure, whilst keeping the style simple yet playful. Throughout my career in the creative industries, I aim to expand my portfolio and refine my style.
Road accidents in Britain 2015, UX/Ui & Editorial infographic

The Faculty of Public Health is the standards body for specialists in public health in the United Kingdom. The brief was to design an infographic in both digital and printed formats and the infographic features as part of their monthly magazine ‘Public Health Today’.

Their magazine features educational and factual content presented in a formal and concise manner of topics related to health and education.

Innowear fashion dynamic branding and identity

Innowear is a fashion design events platform that exhibits the most innovative and upcoming wearable technology items. Innowear exhibits on a quarter annual basis, in the some UK’s culturally rich cities. The event features many well-known designers that merge the boundaries of the digital and fashion world, such as cutecircuit. Innowear values sustainable fashion, therefore showcasing clothing that is sustainable as well as implementing futuristic technologies is important.

Ryoji Ikeda: Visual Systems

Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese electronic composer and visual artist who has an international reputation for working convincingly across both visual and sonic media. He coordinates sound, images, and mathematical concepts in large-scale immersive live performances and installations.
In response to the brief, I designed a series of four abstract typographic posters based on the linear grid system exhibited by Ikeda's installation pieces.