Graphic designer working within a range of media, with a focus on typography, editorial design and print.
Library of Babel — Jorge Luis Borges

This project interprets Luis Borges’ short story through typography, editorial and layout, using Dada techniques such as montage and expressive poetry, to explore and visualise the underlying themes of the text: semiotics and the materiality of language. The sequence of formats allows the story to become gradually deconstructed.

Suburbia —

Suburbia is a typeface inspired by kitsch art and pop culture from the 50s and 60s. It expresses rhythm and movement through condensed and extended styles, as well as the strong contrast between curved and angular forms, thin and thick lines, reminiscent of vernacular signage and imperfections of analogue printing.

Visual Systems — Ryoji Ikeda

Series of posters designed for a fictional exhibition for audiovisual artist Ryoji Ikeda. These were informed by extensive research into analogue methods of archiving and storing information, from grids and modular layouts of index cards, to paper data storage media such as punched tape and cards.

Design Museum — Olivetti Valentine

Proposal for a campaign to promote the opening of the new Design Museum through the prism of objects in the permanent collection, focusing on the Olivetti Valentine typewriter.