Woori Shin [email protected]
I am Woori Shin and a graphic designer. I focus on visual communication by using typefaces, hierarchy, colour and images to create a visual design. I use software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effect and Premiere Pro. Specially I work for branding identity as a logo designer, editorial design and social design to create good changes for the society.
RSA: Beyond Borders_Eating Indian food with hands

Eating food with hands in India is in today’s western society might be perceived as being unhygienic, bad manner or primitive. So I cooperated with Indian cuisine restaurant by suggesting one short story booklet with flyers and one label design on the plastic take away box as my design solution to educate young people from diverse background. And it can lead them to experience Indian food culture with a respect of tradition about eating food with hands in India. When people know more about why Indian people do by experiencing how they eat, they could be interested in Indian tradition and understand more. Moreover, when young people eat Indian food, they might enhance Indian food experience by eating with hands in a way Indian people eat.

Cultural Identity Crisis_Graffimusic Event

I create live music events with urban art: graffiti as dynamic identity project, combining 'Music' and 'Urban art' themes. I am inspired from many empty spaces around graffiti walls, and create Graffimusic Event for two cities, Brighton and Bristol, including logo variations representing 5 different music genres which are ‘rock’, ‘pop’, ‘hiphop’, ‘jazz’ and ‘folk’.