Christina John-Rockett [email protected]
Photo-Graphic-Designer, born and bred in London. With a focus on everything analog, my work is inspired by the traditional processes and how we can adapt and expand those for the digital age.
Two Points

The Barbican Conservatory has been a recurring theme of inspiration for me over the years. For this project I decided to return there directly comparing its plant life with the Queen Mary's Gardens in Regents Park. Over a 10 week period I shot the same locations to produce a sort of time lapse of images that would show how these areas had changed. Starting this project at the very beginning of Spring, picking the locations was a bit of a shot in the dark not really knowing where would have the most interesting development but that all is shown in the slide carousel projection videos that click through the weeks photos to show the slow development. Presented next to a box of the contact sheets from the rolls of film, a tangible nature to explore the photographs in more detail for the smaller changes.

Eating Alone

For my Self Initiated Project, I decided to re-visit a personal photographic project that I completed in 2016. Using the photographs from this road trip I began exploring different publication methods available to amateur photographer on a budget. Looking at physical publications and digital platforms I used my own images as content in different collections to make up these works.

Visual Systems

Ryoji Ikeda's work blend of digital music and moving image. I chose to create my work based full around analog processes. Sticking to the black and white theme that he uses, I experimented in the darkroom using different techniques for blocking out light to highlight chosen fragments of text.