Callum Griffiths [email protected]
My practice explores typography, editorial and combining digital mediums with print outcomes. Recently I have been exploring code and its uses visually in the context of print and design.
Ryoji Ikeda — Visual Systems

4 X A1 posters and animation to promote Audio-visual artist Ryoji Ikeda's fictional exhibition series. In order to represent his style without simply mimicking it, I took the binary from each exhibition title and applied it to a 3D render of the iconic ZKM, Karlsruhe. Creating a unique object for each poster and a coherent style between them. This process of animating the renders also naturally lends itself to animation.

Next Up 17'

For my branding identity of the UAL Next Up event, designed for students to see their options to explore after a BA, I used arrows to play on having a sense of direction in a playful manner. For this I looked to crowd patterns and drone mentality.