I am MengYing, my English name is Bruce. Graphic designer from China, currently based in London.
I’m very good at logo design, poster design and animation design. I am always curious about the world and looking forward to being a more interesting person. For detailed portfolio and CV, please drop an email. Available for work opportunities and collaborative projects.
End Agesim

I decided that the whole animation I use young teenager angle to observe the end agesim (aging process), I want to tell young people that aging is not an afriad thing, which is a funny process that you will meet interesting experience which make you laugh and sad, and improve yourself. They will enjoy this process as well.

The whole style I used dada collage animation, using dada ideology, doing abstract decomposition, because I choose the style of animation is that has relationship with the project, because 'end ageism' need to break out the image of the elderly, and dada collage concept including deconstruction which means that breaking the original object down and reassembled and redefinition. Therefore, I hope that I can use this style to express the theme, break thought of aging and elder, and people should redefine them.

Visual System - Ryoji Ikeda

I use experimental fiction style to express Ryoji Ikeda abstract work, I combine universe space and zen thought of Japanese to build a mysterious atmosphere, which explain the relationship between time, space and humans.

Two Points - Design Museum

I deconstructe elements in deisgn museum, and re-combine them together. According to design museum structure feeling and its fuction, I create these two fiction architecture structures.

The Library Of Babel

Space is consist of planes and the track that constitutes space extension is time. I regard each perspex as a space and space cross-section in a point of time, there have independent elements in each space (text, graphics, patterns), as time go by, time points form time line, and the planes of each time points form 3D space structure (overlapping them together). In the work, the reason I use perspex to build whole structure is that it can express space stratification best, and separating each elements into different perspex boards to overlap, which can strongly express space depth relationship.

Every perspex board like book pages on the library shelves, the texts and images Parallel and space interleaved in books have memory relationship between time and space. On the outside, I use eight same size perspex box to united whole work style and emphasize space relationship. Each box is regarded as parallel space, which is formed by perspex boards. Audiences can move and open box drawers for viewing, and DIY your own space combination.

Process Books

these are process book details of project above.