Four posters for series of events

Background for each poster was made by bitmap, photography and scanning techniques. Screenshot from each installation video was generated into bitmap by diffusion dither. Output numbers are dates of each installation. Zoomed in the bitmap result was captured by phone camera from computer screen. After picture from phone camera was of the taking photographs back to the computer screen.

Proposal for Osterley House exhibition

The brief was to present historical heritage of Osterley House architecture in a new way. Proposal for National Trust - Osterley House exhibition aims to build Osterley House by lego blocks. Provided building instructions educate adults and children about distinguishing parts of the house.

Redirection of fashion trend - customization of garments

Sustainable fashion campaign to inspire people to customize old clothes instead of getting new customized garments. The word “new” is printed on the front of used clothing and when turned inside out, it displays the prefix “re-”. This way, one sees the same piece of clothing as “renew-ed”.

Virtual encyclopedia of independent record labels

Proposal for hypothetical virtual music encyclopedia of independent music labels.
Website collects information about indie record labels and their representatives.

Final Major Project process book

Selected works from process book with three projects.